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Cruising in the single lane

Only in New York


US'15 089 (2)

The One World building

The popularity of the US as destination for Aussies has been rocketing for a decade or more, doubling from the noughties, with one recent survey putting the Big Apple as our second most popular destination worldwide. So far the falling oil price and airfares seem to be counterbalancing our tanking dollar but I was glad to squeeze in my second visit while I could afford to. The thing is, with perhaps the world’s greatest selection of attractions on offer, New York is a destination that no matter how many visits you’d always feel the need to go back one more time….

My particular bites of the Big Apple included art, architecture, music, history, park visiting,  celerity spotting, general people and passing parade watching, and a bit of shopping (or quite a bit).

Will I go back? Never say “never”.

The High Line

Chelsea Market district; Guggenheim Museum. 

Celebrity locals. 

The feared NYPD Blue; captive Halloween pumpkins.


Author: technanna

I grew up in western Queensland, worked as a newspaper and television journalist, public relations and public affairs officer and freelance correspondent in Australia, the UK, Japan and Saudi Arabia. I have three grown children and two grandchildren. I am retired, but work to keep the brain and body fit, and to stay marginally in touch in our ever-changing technological environment.

2 thoughts on “Only in New York

  1. Sure is a great city to visit over and over again if you can afford it.

  2. Not sure if I’ll be able to afford it again. 😦

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