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Calendar girl



Shrine torii.

One of New Year’s Day’s important tasks is to change the calendars. But the “out with the old; in with the new” routine can be bittersweet. Once utilitarian objects, calendars are increasingly personal with daily organisers to suit every known taste and interest, some works of art, making them hard to part with.  I will be sad to take down my study nook calendar gifted last Christmas, a compilation of family and nature images from the beautiful New South Wales South Coast by my photographically talented older brother.  Then there’s the annual calendar, always quaint and unusual, from an Osaka friend, a former exchange student.


The crane, symbol of happiness and eternal youth. 

I will also regret having to say goodbye to my 2015 Blue and White calendar from the eponymous Tokyo art and craft boutique, with its daily reminder last year to stay genki – healthy, vital and energetic – and a tribute to the richness and artistry of Japanese culture.  But happily the 2016 Blue and White calendar is ready and waiting to take its place, thanks to Santa Claus. This is a Monkey Year and those born during it are said to possess the traits of wit, intelligence and magnetic personality, but are also inclined to mischievousness.


The mischievous money gets the honours in 2016. 

This year’s calendar acknowledges “40 years of daily blessings” since its first publication, with flashbacks to past editions. The months feature blue and white salutes to an assortment of Japanese symbols including those of the crane, teacups, torii and the ubiquitous jovial Otafuku, the Goddess of Good Luck and Happiness, the shop’s symbol. Which fits perfectly with what I wish for you for 2106!


The jovial Otafuku…bringing good luck and happiness. 

Author: technanna

I grew up in western Queensland, worked as a newspaper and television journalist, public relations and public affairs officer and freelance correspondent in Australia, the UK, Japan and Saudi Arabia. I have three grown children and two grandchildren. I am retired, but work to keep the brain and body fit, and to stay marginally in touch in our ever-changing technological environment.

2 thoughts on “Calendar girl

  1. It is sad having to get rid of old calendars. I roll them up and put them in a cupboard but when i have a declutter rug they get town away, sadly.

  2. I don’t thing I can dispose of my brother’s [photographic efforts, especially because of family photos and familiar places, but my 2015 Blue and White calendar can go to my crafty Japanese teacher. Happy New Year!

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