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What a day it’s been

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If only little kids could realise how much they will treasure sleep when they grow up. My 18-month-old grandson, like many of his peers, runs from sleep time like a puppy fleeing the bath tub. Luckily he has an Achilles heel – the ABC Kids TV’s Giggle and Hoot program lullaby performed by gifted Israeli-Australian singer-songwriter Lior.  At the sound of the magical words “What a day it’s been, what a magic day..” eyelids flutter and it’s not too long before he’s in Hoot land. Naturally, when on babysitting duty, I ensure I have my iPad loaded with the music video at hand. Listen for yourself.

Lior is becoming a regular in our family life. Lior’s This Old Love, melding sentiment and sweetness in lyrics and melody, ensured that the mother of the groom shed a few tears at her son’s wedding when it featured on the reception compilation tape. This September Lior will perform in Compassion: A Collaboration with Nigel Westlake with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra at QPAC. This Old Love will be one of the featured pieces.


Author: technanna

I grew up in western Queensland, worked as a newspaper and television journalist, public relations and public affairs officer and freelance correspondent in Australia, the UK, Japan and Saudi Arabia. I have three grown children and two grandchildren. I am retired, but work to keep the brain and body fit, and to stay marginally in touch in our ever-changing technological environment.

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